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BG Innovative Safety Systems

The Lighting Bug, technically called the Light Safety Control Module (LSCM), is a small electronic device (less than half the size of an iPhone) that attaches to a vehicle’s existing headlight plug-in wiring connections.  Installation takes just a matter of minutes. 

When a headlight is operating normally, power passes straight through the Lighting Bug with no interference.  However, once a bulb fails, the Lighting Bug instantly and automatically senses the outage and converts the high-beam into a functioning low-beam.  The headlight continues to possess both low- and high-beam functionality.

Installation: Plug-and-Play Module with male and female headlight wire plugs that connect directly into the vehicle’s current female source headlight wire plug.

SAE testing by Intertek:  SAE J575 S4.2.2(B)

Bulb compatibility: 

Lighting Bug models are available for Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo, Kenworth, International and Mack trucks

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