The First Innovation from BG Innovative Safety Systems

Proactively prevent headlights from going out with the lighting bug.


Did you know?

“Violations involving inoperative lamps represent the biggest source of compliance costs in the USA”—some spokesperson of a company



536,000 Violations per year* or 1400 Violations daily

Average Cost per Violation about $200 equals $280,000 in daily costs

These violations result in 16 average hours of downtime resulting in delayed shipments and increased transit time costing you thousands.

This is where the lightingbug comes in!


Simple Plug-and-Play Installation Keep Your Headlights Working


Meets All Reglatory Standards

or CSA Compliant?

Intertek certified.

SAE testing by Intertek

SAE J575 S4.2.2(B)


Provides long lasting safety and compliance to Keep You On the Road Longer


Reduces fines and infractions from a headlight failure

Works With 38+ of truck models


This means with a 5 Minute installation WHICH PREVENTS 1400 daily violations WHICH

= $7000 saved per driver!


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