BG Innovative Safety Systems



The Lighting Bug, technically called the Light Safety Control Module (LSCM) is a new product that assures immediate and automatic recovery from a headlight failure.  Please watch these short videos . . . 

Large trucks are involved in more than 80,000 accidents per year, resulting in over 100,000 injuries and about 4,000 fatalities.  40% of those fatal accidents occur in low or no light conditions.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations require commercial vehicles to have operable headlights.  However, roadside inspections in 2015 resulted in more than 536,000 violations for inoperable lights.  By more than a two-and-a-half to one margin, inoperable lights were the most frequent safety violation.

In less than five minutes of installation time, the patented plug and play technology in the Lighting Bug can prevent those negative outcomes by instantly and automatically depowering the high-beam to “function” as a low-beam.  The driver also receives a signal that it is time to replace the headlight, allowing the vehicle to continue on its route and replacement of the bulb to occur at an opportune time. 

The Lighting Bug substantially reduces safety concerns, out-of-service vehicle time, fines and insurance costs – while leading to improved CSA scores.